Design & Build


Gray Builders provide the complete services any prospective home owner, property manager or developer requires.

Our services include:

  • Design and Build New Houses including Architectural
  • Project Management
  • Flexibility throughout the project
  • A dedicated site manager onsite when builders and sub-contractors are present
  • A clear building guide and project timeline
  • Preparing concept plans, or taking yours and making them become a reality
  • Fully costing the project and sticking to the price and specifications
  • Complete Insurance Repairs including Fire or Water Reinstatement

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We can design and build a dream home to suit your lifestyle, your budget and, most importantly, your site.

It’s important to us that you get what you want and no matter the size or complexity. Our dedicated team of designers and builders are committed to delivering homes and buildings that stand the test of time and are designed with you and your family in mind.

All projects are unique. Our team has the ability to ‘think outside the square’ when faced with the challenges that quality residential housing can provide.  Even repairs or renovations can provide different types of challenges that also require flexible thinking.  And of course, there is the fact that restricted building work (RBW) can only be carried out or supervised by Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs).  This is to ensure that all our building work is structurally sound, weather tight and complies with the Building Code.

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Design and Build

Concept Plans

Developing concept plans is part of any building or construction job and Gray Builders view this process as an essential way to understand your vision in order to make it a reality.

Maybe you have sketched up your ideas on the back of a napkin, or perhaps you already have fully developed plans. Whatever your situation, going through your concept and learning about the functionality and usability of your building is vital. We offer full site visits in order to appreciate and make the most of your unique location.

Will you need plans and consent?  Our team is able to advise you on what the requirements are while you are still in the planning stages to ensure the correct process is followed. 

Building Guide

Having a clear building guide and timeline is important for both builder and client. No project should start without one.

Once your building plans have been finalised, Gray Builders prepare the following:

  • a detailed step by step client guide on how your project will be built
  • a detailed project specification chart which lists all materials used
  • a list of sub-contractors (plumbers, electricians etc) who will be on your site
  • contact details of your dedicated Gray Builders site manager
  • a timeline which outlines delivery dates of the building consents, foundations, lock-up shell, exterior cladding, interior insulation and gib, appliances, hand over date.

For more information on local industry standards you can also check out the Canterbury/Nelson/West Coast edition of the “Building Guide” that is produced bi-annually and is a step-by-step guide to better home building –