Home Building

At Gray Builders, we have uncompromising quality and service standards and have high expectations of our 'core team’ and 'supporting team' who work with us.  We guarantee all of our work to ensure total customer satisfaction.

This team comprises and is critical to the success of the company -

  • Registered and Licensed Architects and Designers
  • Qualified Carpenters
  • Registered Plumbers, Drainlayers and Gasfitters
  • Qualified Painters
  • Qualified Interior and Solid Plasterers
  • Qualified Wall and Floor Tilers
  • Registered Electricians
  • Registered Joiners
  • Flooring Retailers and Interior Designers

Tom has the ability to 'think outside the square' when faced with the challenges that architectural housing can provide.  Many repairs or renovations can provide different types of challenges that also require similar thinking.  And of course, there is the fact that restricted building work (RBW) can only be carried out or supervised by Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs).  This is to ensure that the building work is structurally sound, weather tight and complies with the Building Code.

Will you need plans and consent?  Tom is able to advise you on what the requirements are while you are still in the planning stages to ensure the correct process is followed.  You could also check out the Canterbury/Nelson/West Coast edition of the "Building Guide" that is produced bi-annually and is a step-by-step guide to better home building -

Gray Builders can undertake any or all of the following -

  • Design and Build New Houses including Architectural
  • Extend and Renovate your home
  • Build your Decks, Fences and Garages
  • Alter your Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Replace rotten weatherboards, window sashes and sills
  • Reclad your existing home (refer "Recladding")
  • Complete Insurance Repairs including Fire or Water Reinstatement
  • Install Palliside to the exterior of your existing or new home
  • Repair Leaky Homes
  • House Inspections