Recladding (partial or full) can change the aesthetics and look of your home.  It can also help reduce the maintenance required.  Recladding may form just one part of your renovation process depending on the outcome required.

For whatever reason that you are considering recladding your home it would be advisable to firstly make contact with your local council to establish if a consent is required for what you are proposing to undertake.  It would also be advisable to have an estimated budget in mind and research the product/s that you have in mind.

You may be considering recladding your home because of 'leaky building' issues.  The problem could have arisen from a combination of poor design, incorrect cladding, untreated or inappropriate building materials and the lack of a cavity.

Steps in the recladding process will include -

  • Locating the cause of the leak (if this is the issue)
  • Contacting the local council to clarify their requirements
  • Engaging an Architect to draw up plans and submit to the local council
  • Completing the partial or full reclad as per the building consent documents
  • Applying for all required inspections and the issuing of the Code Compliance Certificate

Gray Builders can assist in all the above steps to ensure a smooth and satisfactory completion of the contract.  We can undertake the partial or full reclad with your chosen cladding as per the approved Building Consent documents and we ensure that all work is signed off throughout the process and upon completion as per the council inspections.  Your local council will then issue a Code Compliance Certificate for your records.

Product choices are wide ranging but some of the options available include -

  • Timber Weatherboards
  • Palliside Weatherboards (a lightweight cladding option)
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Oamaru Stone
  • Plaster

You could also choose more than one option to clad your home with.  This a a popular trend and for many new subdivisions there is a requirement to use more than a single exterior cladding product.

Below are examples of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of houses in the Canterbury area that we have partially or fully reclad.  


Full Reclad

Gable Rooflines

2nd Storey Reclad

Palliside Reclad